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Modifications and Enforcement

As experienced Maryland Family Law Attorneys, the lawyers at The Drazin Law Center, P.A. have successfully represented multitudes of individuals throughout the State of Maryland with their Modification of Order needs.

To modify or change an existing Maryland Domestic Relations Order (such as custody, visitation, or child support), the parent must first establish the existence of a substantial change in circumstances since the entry of then operative Court Order. A change in circumstance can be almost anything; but, the party requesting the modification must establish that the change has some material impact on the child. Examples of substantial changes in circumstance may be the remarriage of one parent, the relocation of a parent, and a significant prolonged change in a child's academic performance. If the Maryland Court determines that a substantial change in circumstance occurred, the Maryland Court will re-evaluate the then current facts and make a new determination of the issue based, once again, on the "best interests" ťof the child.

In essence, when it comes to your children (and Court Ordered Alimony), nothing is final in a Maryland Divorce.

At The Drazin Law Center, P.A., our knowledgeable and diligent attorneys can assist you seek a Modification of your Divorce, Custody, Child Support, or Alimony Order (or defend against the same) in cases involving: decrease in income, increase in income, changing custody of the child, changing visitation, relocation or removal of the child, or a spouse's inability to become rehabilitated.

Our legal team also helps parents seek enforcement of an existing Court Order for child visitation and child support. If your child's other parent fails to act in accord with the terms of your Court Order, the Maryland Family Law Attorneys at The Drazin Law Center, P.A. can file a Motion to cite that parent in Contempt. Anyone found in Contempt of Court can face jail or fines. These Motions for Contempt can be used to bring behavior in conformity with the terms of your Maryland Family Law Order and can be used on any aspect of your Custody Decree, Child Support Order, or Judgment of Absolute Divorce.

The lawyers at The Drazin Law Center, P.A. offer knowledgeable, diligent, and experienced legal counsel that can effectively assist you with your enforcement and modification needs. Our Modification Attorneys understand how to assist you adapt the terms of your Divorce to the current conditions and how to use the power of the Court to force the opposing party to perform according to the terms of your Court Order.

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