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Bankruptcy Document Checklist

At a minimum, the following documents will be required before we can file your case:

  • Six months of pay stubs (or income information) - for anyone who resides within your home.
  • Federal and State Income Tax Returns (and supporting documentation) for the past three years.
  • Last statement received from any creditor (credit cards, medical bills, Mortgage Company, Car Loan Company, credit union, student loans, tax notices, etc.).
  • Law suits, Judgments, or court documents - whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant.
  • Notices of any Tax Debt, Liens, or Levies.Deeds to any Real Estate currently owned (or in which you have any interest whatsoever) or owned within the past three years. (Please note: If you do not have ready access to this document, and the property is within the State of Maryland, The Drazin Law Center will be able to obtain this document for you at a cost to you of less than $10.00.)
  • Title to any vehicles owned in the past three years. If you do not have the Title, a copy of the Registration will suffice.
  • Court orders directing payment of Child Support or Alimony.
  • Copies of any Separation or Property Settlement Agreements or Divorce Decrees.
  • Six months of bank statements of any account your name appears on.
  • Current Retirement Statements.
  • Current Life Insurance Statements. (Please note: We require this information only if the Life Insurance Policy has a "cash-out" value or you can borrow against it.)
  • Debtor Education Certificate.
  • ONLY IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES: Appraisal or Fair Market Analysis from Real Estate Agent regarding Real Estate now owned by you or your spouse. (Please Note: You should not order an appraisal or market analysis without checking first with one of our attorneys.)