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The Maryland Adoption Attorneys at the Drazin Law Center, P.A. continue to represent scores of families throughout the State of Maryland with Adoptions.

Adoptions are a special area of law because the process is all about bringing families together. An adoption is one of the rare Family Law cases where everyone can leave the Courthouse happy. At The Drazin Law Center, P.A., our lawyers help keep the experience a pleasant and happy one by ensuring all stages of the process are performed professionally, expediently, and compassionately.

Often, after the finalization of a divorce within Maryland, the family’s non-biological parent will choose to seek a stepparent adoption. In certain instances, same-sex domestic partnerships may use this type of adoption as well. In Maryland, these types of (stepparent) adoptions are a fairly simple and straightforward process; provided you have the consent of the birthparents who must willing to relinquish their legal parental rights and responsibilities.

In stepparent adoption situations, many parents will agree to surrender their parenting rights and sign the necessary paperwork without argument. Such biological parents likely believe that the adoption would overall be best for the child; or the parent might simply acquiesce to be relieved of their current parental financial obligations.

Obtaining consents isn’t always easy. The biological parent might not want to terminate his or her parental rights and could simply refuse to consent. Occasionally, the other parent may be completely “out of the picture” and be unable to locate. In all these situations, it’s best to consult with Maryland attorneys, like those at The Drazin Law Center, P.A., who have the necessary experience to help you through the process and assist you should any such difficulties arise. With your Maryland Adoption Lawyer’s assistance, you’ll be able to strategize to formulate and build a solid case to demonstrate to the Maryland Adoption Court that your adoption request is in the minor child’s best interests.

Are you or someone you know thinking about adopting a child? There are many types of adoptions. The attorneys at The Drazin Law Center, P.A. can assist you choosing the adoption that is right for you.

Come meet Columbia Adoption Attorneys and Dundalk Adoption Attorneys serving clients with their adoption needs throughout the State of Maryland, including, but not limited to, Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Harford County and throughout the State of Maryland.